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Aubrey Konrath

Billing and Accounting Coordinator

ph: 312-332-7760

Aubrey Konrath

Aubrey Konrath, our dedicated Billing and Accounting Coordinator at Robbins Schwartz, is an indispensable part of our financial team. Her journey within the firm reflects her adaptability, problem-solving acumen, and commitment to precision.

Aubrey’s journey at Robbins Schwartz began in 2021 when she joined us as a legal assistant. Recognized for her talents, Aubrey transitioned to the Accounting department in February 2023. Her continuous professional development and dedication to her role have been instrumental in maintaining the firm’s financial processes.

Aubrey is a creative problem solver, and her role as Billing and Accounting Coordinator allows her to put those skills to excellent use. She is responsible for overseeing the billing process, ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of invoices and payments, and maintaining detailed financial records and reports. Her meticulous approach ensures that the financial aspects of the firm run smoothly and efficiently. Aside from her billing and accounting responsibilities, Aubrey is an avid member of the Firm’s Diversity & Awareness Planning Subcommittee.

Aubrey attended Lake Forest College, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree. With over seven years of experience in legal administration and database management, Aubrey brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, making her an invaluable team member.

Outside of her professional life, Aubrey enjoys a variety of interests. She is an avid reader and enjoys the great outdoors. She can often be found hiking with her dog, embracing the beauty of nature.