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Shari Leming

Director of Operations

ph: 312-332-7760

Shari Leming

Shari Leming, our dedicated Director of Operations at Robbins Schwartz, serves as a dynamic leader in the firm’s operational management strategy. Her role involves overseeing daily operations, streamlining financial processes, devising marketing strategies to enhance the firm’s visibility, and ensuring the firm’s administrative functions support our legal teams efficiently.

Shari began her career at Robbins Schwartz in 2015 and has since contributed to the firm immensely through her extensive experience. As a result-oriented leader, Shari strives to drive efficiency and profitability within the firm, all while fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Shari attended Northern Illinois University, where she earned her B.S. in Merchandising and Business. She later enhanced her educational foundation by obtaining a Corporate Practice Certificate in Paralegal Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Her diverse background has equipped her with a unique blend of business acumen and legal proficiency, greatly contributing to her success in her career.

Shari’s knowledge includes a comprehensive list of crucial areas, including strategic planning, operations and risk management, client relations, leadership and team management, and financial oversight. She leverages her diverse knowledge to adeptly guide the firm towards achieving its goals and desired outcomes. Her leadership and innovative strategies have significantly enhanced the firm’s operational efficiency and overall success.

Outside of her professional life, Shari enjoys staying active and spending time outdoors. You can often find her relaxing by the lake during the summer weekends and traveling to warm weather beaches during the winter.