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Michael A. Barracato

Associate, Chicago

ph: 312-332-7760

Practice Areas: Student Rights

Michael A. Barracato

Michael A. Barracato is an Associate within the Student Related Issues group at Robbins Schwartz. His commitment to making a difference is reflected in his dedication to serving clients and upholding the principles of justice and equity. Michael’s journey into the legal profession has been shaped by his unique background and experiences.

As an attorney, Michael excels in crafting creative solutions to intricate legal problems. His background in education has equipped him with a unique perspective and insight into the intersection of education and law. He is committed to providing knowledgeable and empathetic advocacy for educational institutions, families, and students.

Michael’s strengths as an attorney include his ability to navigate complex educational regulations, handle disciplinary proceedings, and ensure the rights of students and staff are upheld. His innovative approach to problem-solving has led to successful outcomes for his clients.

Michael’s career path was inspired by his firsthand experience with the impact of legal issues on educational settings. Motivated to merge his knowledge of educational systems with legal advocacy, he pursued a career in law. Michael’s decision to specialize in educational law was driven by his desire to address the unique challenges faced by schools, students, and families.

Prior to embarking on his legal career, Michael served as an Assistant Principal, where he navigated a wide range of issues, from student discipline to staff management. Through this role, Michael gained invaluable experience in critical thinking, conflict resolution, and effective communication. His experience provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities of educational environments, preparing him to handle diverse client needs with empathy and expertise. These skills have been instrumental in his transition to the legal field.

Michael’s upbringing in New York’s diverse cultural landscape has instilled in him a deep appreciation for various perspectives and backgrounds. This diversity informs his legal practice, particularly in education law, where inclusivity and understanding are paramount.


  • J.D., The John Marshall Law School

Admitted to Practice

  • Supreme Court of Illinois (pending admission)


  • American Bar Association
  • Chicago Bar Association