Filing Periods for the Consolidated Election Are Just Around the Corner


Filing Periods for the Consolidated Election Are Just Around the Corner

Dec 7, 2018

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As a reminder, for candidates seeking election at the April 2, 2019 Consolidated Election, Monday December 10, 2018 is the first date that candidates may file their nominating papers.  All filers in line at the opening of the office where filing takes place will have their nominating papers deemed simultaneously filed and will be eligible for the lottery to determine the first spot on the ballot.  December 17, 2018 is the last day of the filing period. 

Candidates must file (1) a statement of candidacy, (2) a receipt for the filing of a statement of economic interests, and (3) nominating petition sheets containing the required number of original signatures or a Certificate of Nomination by party caucus.  The filing of a loyalty oath is optional.  

The location for filing nominating papers depends on the office sought.  For city or village candidates, such as candidates for mayor, president, alderman, trustee, or clerk, filings should be brought to the office of the municipal clerk.  For board of education members, filing takes place with the county clerk or county board of election commissioners, as the case may be, of the county in which the principal office of the school district is located.   For other units of local government such as community colleges and park districts, filing takes place with the board secretary or his or her designee. 

Any objections to nominating papers must be made within five “business days” after the last day for filing the nominating papers.  Objections are filed in the same location where the nominating papers of the candidate were filed.  What constitutes a business day varies depending on the date and hours a unit of local government is open; potential objectors should be sure to verify the hours for filing objections.   

Contact a Robbins Schwartz attorney if you have any questions concerning the filing period for the upcoming Consolidated Election or if you have any questions concerning election administration in your unit of local government.