Law Alerts

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Law Alerts

College’s DEI Measures Clash with Professor’s Free Speech Rights

A college professor has been granted a recommended injunction preventing the enforcement of the college's DEI policies in relation to his work. Learn more about the case in our latest law alert.

PAC Opinion Reminds Public Bodies to Approve Closed Minutes in Open Session

The Illinois Attorney General's Public Access Counselor (PAC) recently issued a binding opinion regarding a violation against the Open Meetings Act. Read more about the issue in our latest law alert.

Reminder of Bidding Threshold Change Under Illinois School Code

Review the recent changes to the competitive bidding threshold through our latest law alert.

New Bonding and Retainage Requirements under the Public Construction Bond Act

The Public Construction Bond Act, 30 ILCS 550/1 et seq. (the “Bond Act”) was recently amended by Public Act 103-570, effective January 1, 2024. The Bond Act requires all public bodies to provide performance and payment bonds on public works projects of a certain amount. 

White Former Employee of City of Springfield Wins Workplace Discrimination Trial

A federal district court jury recently ruled in favor of a former Springfield employee regarding her workplace discrimination complaint. Learn more about the case through our latest Law Alert.

Cook County Adopts Its Own Paid Leave Ordinance Covering School Districts, Community Colleges, Park Districts, and Units of Local Government

The Cook County Board of Commissioners recently adopted a Paid Leave Ordinance, which closely mirrors the State’s Paid Leave for All Workers Act. Learn more about this update in our recent Law Alert.

Federal Scholarship Program Geared Toward Low-Income, First Generation and Underrepresented College Students Challenged as Discriminatory

A federal scholarship program administered through the University of Colorado is facing a complaint of unlawful discrimination and civil rights violation before the Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights (“OCR”). Read our recent Law Alert on the complaint here.

Do Not Forget Your DEI Mission Statement and Related Communications When Conducting a Compliance Review and Assessment

Institutions should include their DEI mission statements and related communications when conducting a compliance review and assessment. Read more here

Department of Labor’s Proposed “Overtime Rule” Will be Costly and Potentially Disruptive for Higher Education Institutions

The Department of Labor's proposed rule to raise the income cutoff for overtime pay could potentially disrupt higher education institutions. Read more here.

Supreme Court Signals That An Employer is Entitled to Ultimate Discretion in Deciding What is Reasonable Workplace Accommodation Under the ADA

The United States Supreme Court has determined that employers are entitled to ultimate discretion in deciding reasonable workplace accommodations under the ADA. Read more here.